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 Trinity Fatu
Trinity Fatu (née McCray; born November 30, 1987) is an American dancer, model, singer, and professional wrestler currently signed with WWE under the ring name Naomi (shortened from Naomi Knight). In 2010, she was part of the third season of NXT, where she came in second place. In 2012, she joined Cameron in forming The Funkadactyls. She is featured as one of the main cast members of the Total Divas reality television show. She is also a member of the Anoaʻi family (through marriage to Jonathan Fatu, better known by his ring name, Jimmy Uso), a renowned Samoan-American wrestling dynasty. Read more?
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Naomi Network || January 2015

Total Divas Recap, Season 7 Episode #2
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Noami & Natalya Babysit Birdie Joe Danielson

Shortly after the birth of their beautiful daughter Birdie Joe, Daniel Bryan and Brie find themselves in need of a day out away from their parenting duties. Nattie offers her & Naomi’s babysitting services so they can enjoy the day. Naomi quickly discovers that Nattie won’t be much help on their babysitting trip when she refuses to hold Birdie and spends most of her time trying to take selfies with Winston the french bulldog. Naomi is left holding a sleeping and adorable Birdie and wondering what the heck is up with her friend! Nattie lies upon Brie’s return about her babysitting skills.

When the two find themselves up for babysitting duty a second time, Natalya does admit her shortcomings with babies and her discomfort at caring for Birdie. Naomi even admits that a lot goes into caring for a newborn and she herself needs a few years to prepare before having her own mini-me.

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Total Divas Recap, Season 7 Episode One
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Champ with Perks

Jimmy Uso & Naomi try to Recapture Romance
As the season of Total Divas begins, we get to see Naomi & Jimmy Uso’s new house in their new hometown of Pensacola, Florida. Naomi admits she has been bored with the recent move (that the two did to be closer to the rest of the family) and she wants her man to be a bit more romantic. We see Jimmy try to take Naomi out for fast food spaghetti, then try to show off the local scenery with a trip to a lighthouse (a HAUNTED lighthouse). Both romantic endeavors fall flat as Naomi refuses to eat the fast food and doesn’t seem to enjoy the wind in her hair at the lighthouse.

Towards the end of the episode though he finally comes through with a romantic at home dinner. Initially the dinner is going exceptionally well and Naomi is flattered by his gesture, but she does end up finding the take out boxes hidden in the kitchen (therefore discovering Jimmy didn’t actually cook it). However, the two seem happy anyways and she agrees that it is the thought that truly counts.

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SummerSlam Recap – End of A Reign
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Natalya def. Naomi

Naomi vs. Natalya (Title Match)
Natalya took to calling herself the “Glowstopper” on social media ahead of The Biggest Party of The Summer. At SummerSlam, she proved that nickname was no joke, as the third-generation Superstar defeated Naomi to capture the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
The challenger wasted no time going after the champion, greeting Naomi with a slap to the face. Natalya was ruthless in her attack, targeting her rival’s knee to perhaps soften it up for her patented Sharpshooter. Despite her challenger’s persistence, Naomi fought back, creating separation with a Russian leg sweep off the middle rope. The champion fashioned more distance with her patented kicks before nearly trapping Natalya in a vicious submission, but The Queen of Harts slipped out and locked on the Sharpshooter.

Naomi survived the first Sharpshooter and attempted a split-legged moonsault. Unfortunately for the champion, landing stomach-first across the knees of her challenger gave Natalya the opening to once again cinch in the excruciating Sharpshooter in the center of the ring, leaving Naomi with no choice but to submit. Natalya rubbed her victory in the former champion’s face, kissing the SmackDown Women’s Championship and holding it high above her head for the sold-out Barclays Center crowd to see. However, Natalya’s time to celebrate won’t last long. Not only will she have to contend with Naomi, but also Carmella, who still holds the Money in the Bank contract and can challenge for the title at any time.
(Recap Source: WWE.com)

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Total Divas Bonus Clip 9/15/15
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Naomi doesn’t want her husband to miss an opportunity to test out his standup comedy skills.

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Total Divas Episodes 7&8 Recap
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Episode 7: No Holds Barre & Episode 8: It’s A Beautiful Life?

Episode Seven Introduces us to Naomi’s life as “mom” to Jon’s two kids. Naomi states her excitement to the other Divas as they check out Nikki & Brie’s new magazine shoot. We see Naomi again as she’s pulling up to the new house in – much to Jon’s surprise – a mini-van! She says “mini-van’s are fun for kids! And there’s way more room than in the Mustang.” She shows Jon the features of the mini-van until he agrees it was a good idea.
Before the kids arrive, Naomi ensures a bouncy house is delivered & Jon greets the delivery man with another look of surprise and tries to test it out for himself. The kids greatly enjoy their time and are even treated to a petting zoo, also courtesy of Naomi.
Later, Jon and Naomi take the kids to a fun park and engage in some competitive go-kart racing. However, all the fun and games leads to Jon into trouble with the children’s mother. Naomi and Jon decide it’s okay for the kids to have fun but they need to remember their other responsibilities as parents as well. Naomi agrees she doesn’t want the mother to have to worry about the kids when they are with her.

In Episode Eight we find Naomi playing the mom of the locker room to Natalya as she worries she is getting too old. The Divas go out to dinner and when Nattie tries to turn up the party too much, Naomi pulls her outside to offer her some advice. She tells Nattie it bothers her that she feels so down on herself and that her worries are unfounded. The Divas are almost involved in a fight as an bar patron confronts them and kicks at Naomi. Tamina defends her friends and shoves the man away. She reminds the two that they are all worth something and not to let anyone make them feel otherwise.

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Total Divas – Episode Six Recap
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Episode Six: Good Diva Bad Diva

For the First time ever Naomi faces the challenge of turning heel. She feels uncertain about how to bring out her inner bad girl as both Jon and her fellow Divas push her to bring it. She contemplates how different the character is from her true personality and the way she treats others. She tells Jon “It just feels wrong”, as she sorts through some shoes for her new attire.

Things go wrong rather quickly as the Divas and Jon egg her on at a dinner out. Naomi balks at being rude to the waitress and refrains from giving in to Paige’s attempts to rile her up at the table. However, when Alicia Fox suddenly tosses a drink on Naomi, she immediately fires back at her fellow Diva. This draws attention from the staff and Naomi is asked to leave. She walks outside with Jon as the authorities arrive and tries to calm herself. “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. Everyone has their limit, and I’m at mine.” She feels it was wrong of the others to push her into being rude to “Real people”. Jon apologizes and the two realize that being bad doesn’t have to be a part of their personal lives, as is only a role played on TV. Fox is left at the table wondering where her friends are at.

On Raw it is the debut of Naomi’s new character. Backstage Natalya and Renee Young comment on how excited they are for her. As Naomi makes her entrance on screen, Nattie comments “She dropped it like it was hot and.. left a little bacon on the floor.” Naomi returns from her match feeling like the true victor having embraced her new role.

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Total Divas Preview Clip 8/11/15
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Jimmy Uso provides advice to wife Naomi about updating her in-ring look.

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